Liner Notes

The Story of “Out of the Ashes”   

​  So Jimmy asked me to relate the story and the history of this latest White Noise release. Probably a mistake on his part, but, here’s the story: 

​    Over the years the members of White Noise have been in many bands, sometimes together and sometimes with others, and they have recorded a lot of kick ass music. I’ve been there with the boys for pretty much all of it. Now these other recordings have been greeted with great joy and enthusiasm by their loyal fans. However, the question that the longtime White Noise fans always ask is, “When are you guys going to record _______? That was my favorite song.” There is some proverb or another about people with patience being rewarded and it turns out to be true!     

This latest White Noise adventure started in early 2011 when the guys decided it was finally time to put this project together for their fans. Allen, Carl, Jimmy and Paul, along with producer Paul Logus, returned to Youngstown, Ohio, the scene of many of their earlier crimes, all misdemeanors, I’m sure. Youngstown is an old steel town that has had its share of hard times and was part of the inspiration for these songs. Now I don’t want to say that the building where the studio was located was old, but no people were allowed to ride in the elevator, only equipment. Equipment can be replaced, but not band members, well not on short notice anyway!   

  May 2011 brought four whirlwind days of recording basic tracks. They were very productive days, fueled by Sunrise Pizza, Hot Dog Shoppe dogs and Uncle Nick’s chicken. Hey, a man’s gotta eat and that’s some good stuff! There might have been some beer and scotch around the studio and a few old friends stopped by to have a listen. Paul Logus cracked the whip on the boys and worked them hard. While Logus worked them, it was up to me to keep them from wandering. I don’t know how many of you have ever worked with musicians, but it’s like herding cats! You round three of them up and while you’re trying to find the last one, they start to wander off again. Thankfully, musical instruments are like catnip for these guys so once we got them into the studio they usually stayed there.  I’m not sure how many basic tracks were cut that week, but I do know it was more than appear on this release.      

Once the basic tracks were done, the production moved to Long Island. During the next two years, many things happened that could have derailed the project completely. There were illnesses and deaths in the extended White Noise family. Producer Paul Logus was very in demand and busy with other projects (no BS, Google him! The dude never stops working.). There was a little weather thing called Superstorm Sandy that flooded the studio and put it out of commission for six months. The boys never gave up or lost faith. Amidst all these delays the band trekked to Long Island to work on overdubs and vocals. It wasn’t all hardships, though and Freddy G, a master storyteller, frequently entertained the boys with stories from the old neighborhood. You haven’t lived until you’ve hung out with Freddy! Once all the overdubs were done, the process of mixing/mastering the record began.     

Meanwhile, back in Youngstown, Ohio, a live show was scheduled. It would be the first show with all the White Noise boys in a decade. From inception until showtime was less than three weeks. Most of the old road crew and hardcore fans were there and it was like a damn class reunion, only just the cool kids. Despite the short notice, PA issues and all the other nagging problems, the show was a huge success and brought out an army of loyal fans.      

I believe that brings us up to date. The new release is done and soon to be in your music collection. The boys are planning their next moves, so watch for concert announcements. 
​So all that’s left is this:Allen, Carl, Jimmy, Paul - Thank you, my brothers, for letting me be a part of thirty years of adventures. 
Jules, for the next thirty years of adventures.
Bruce, Ricky, Zark– Best crew ever, you guys rock!     
Paul Logus – You are the master, and really tall!    
The White Noise fans – The most loyal fans anywhere, ever!
This one’s for Batman, Allen and Chookie! Strength, Love, Faith, Peace!

​Eric (Ed) Davis, Road Manager

White Noise 

Allen Sillaman - Carlo Infante - Paul Skowron - Jimmy Gumina